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This probably hasn't happened to you, but it has to me, and it really bugs me: a friend tells you about this great 45, so you go down to the record shop to buy it. You flip all the way through the damn cardboard box, and come up empty. Why? Because, although you knew the title, you didn't know what it looked like. Let's face it, when you're looking at 45s, you look at the pretty pictures.

45rpm Review rectifies the problem. Now you know what the cool 45s look like, so picking them out should be no problem.


The Queers

Surf Goddess

by Erik Swedlund

"Surf Goddess" is the best Queers song ever.

I like it so much, I can't really remember the other three songs on this 45, "Mirage," "Get Over You," and "Quit Talkin'."

"Surf Goddess" is in the vein of Queers songs that are up-beat, sugary, and sweet. They have that other type of song, the crude, obnoxious, sexually degrading type, like "Ursula Finally Has Tits." No thank you. If I want crude and obnoxious, I'll just listen to Apocalypse Hoboken.

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